Love session winners Chase + Nicole

Last year I had a fun contest with a total of 5 contestants and the winner was Chase & Nicole, I finally had the chance and honor to document the chemistry they both clearly have for one another!!

They both met on their freshmen year of high school, and both played soccer, and became good friends. They dated other people most of high school and didn’t start dating until the last 2-3 weeks of their senior year. A week after school Chase went to the air force academy, That meant they both had to write snail mail letters for 6 weeks, until he slowly gained his internet and phone back.

Long story short, they both survived a 4 year long distance relationship. Chase will be leaving to Texas for another 2 years to become a pilot. Chase just graduated from the US Air force academy and Nicole has graduated from UCLA! Nicole will stay in California and get her masters. Chase and Nicole will continue the long distance relationship they have been together 4 years now!

I absolutely love their LOVE Story and it was awesome to see them spend some time with me even if it were for a while until they both have to leave each other again temporarily.

Thank you Chase & Nicole!! Muah!

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