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The best rewarding thing as a photographer is being able to call clients friends! as we continue to play a role of capturing life time memories for not only their children but grandchildren etc. It is truly an honor! I love seeing pictures like this and see their children grow!

I had the honor to hang out with this beauty! She was on her way to her high school prom and her mother contacted me this same day to take her portraits as she hadn’t taken any pictures since she was younger! I was excited and couldn’t wait to meet her. We headed to the fox theatre in downtown pomona and walked around for a little.


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Hello internet!!

I want to share this post as it’s such an honor to play a special part in ones life it’s truly a privilege, and as a photographer I don’t take it lightly. I have not only had the privilege to document Perla and Eddie’s wedding I’ve also had a chance to document the birth of their 1st born child as well! He just turned one so I was invited to document their family portraits. I also wanted to share my clients perspective of the service that I have been able to be a part of!

If you are a past client I want you to know that I truly appreciate your service and I pray for you all! If you are browsing around and considering me as a photographer well I warn you I’m not just a photographer I would like to consider myself a life long friend!

Thank you once again Eddie and Perla! blessings to your entire family.

Joleen loves One direction and loves loves sports! I had the privilege to document Jolene’s senior session as she will be graduating this year and moving into a new chapter of her life. I had a great time with her. she has a great personality and can’t wait to see the woman she will become! Joleen I hope you love all these pictures as much as I do. Truly you’re a STAR!