Santa Monica Pier: Taj & Jennifer Engagement

Here are more pictures of Taj and Jennifer engagement session at the Santa Monica Pier we had loads of fun thank you Jennifer and Taj for being fabulous see you on your wedding day!

For even more excitement please read there awesome engagement story 🙂

Taj tricked Jennifer and said he had a corporate meeting and after the meeting they were having a cocktail hour at the Ayres Hotel and he wanted Jennifer to meet him there.  Jennifer was excited to go because they hadn’t been back to the hotel since they met there 2 1/2 years prior.

On Jennifer’s drive over, Taj told Jennifer to come upstairs to the balcony where the party was being held.  Jennifer thought, “What balcony, I don’t remember a balcony.  And nothing for meetings on the second floor, but whatever I will just go.”  When Jennifer arrived she went up the stairs and walked right passed the entrance to the balcony.  Once she realized where the balcony was she thought, “There is no one out on the balcony.”

Then, she looked around the corner and saw what was really waiting for her.  Taj was sitting at a table with a red rose and a bucket of champagne on ice.  One of their songs, No One by Alicia Keyes, was playing in the background.  Taj came to Jennifer, standing in shock, and got down on one knee and asked Jennifer if she would make him the happiest man in the world and marry him.  Of course she said yes!

Look at how happy they are!

We discovered this day that cotton candy melts pretty quickly LOL thanks for being fun sports!

I heart doors! and fun colors 🙂

So beautiful!

And Handsome!

Aww love this moment!

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