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When Claudia met Corey: A Facebook Reunion

It had been 23 years, 9 months, 2 weeks, and 3 days we gathered since the last time we met. He was in Canada while She spend her years in Sunny California.

Call it luck, fate, destiny, “perfect timing”, the Internet gods, or computer love-dunno. But after 5 months of daily conversation by phone, a “first sight” meeting that lasted 5 days, a friend’s Canadian wedding, and a drive back to L.A., we stopped in downtown Portland to eat.

La Fonda Restaurant was hardly the place I envisioned proposing to Claudia. Totally shocked her too apparently. We were talking and shopping rings, eating the best lunch plate, and enjoying eachothers company-like this had been our routine for 20 years.

We spent the afternoon looking at rings, pricing them, and comparing notes when I thought it would be a good time to propose. So, a few qualifying questions, few beers, and a “Will you marry me if I bought that ring” type confirmation later, I pocketed the shined, sized, and bought ring in less than ten minutes!

I got nervous so I went to the restroom to practice my speech and summon my courage. I returned to realize my courage was left at the bathroom door and there was never a speech!

So I gave her the bag which contained an empty ring box. Just as she was about to ask where’s the ring, I slid off the chair to one knee with a ring stealthily slipped onto my pinky. The gesture was more than the speech could have ever provided. All I know that I said something which she agreed to and we have been engaged ever since.

I am reminded of that day by Claudia’s smile, her giddy ways, and how she always seems to glow when she talks about the ring and our wedding day. She says she has never taken it off but to clean (I make it a habit when I clean it to get on one knee and place it on her finger!) it or wash her hair. I am amazed at how much she cherishes our engagement and our wedding day.

I didn’t expect a trip from L.A. to Canada, and Portland, Oregon with Claudia would add so much to my life. She is the love of my life I had to wait 23 years to receive. But 23 years is like 23 minutes in that we have shared so much in 2009!

Thank you Claudia and Corey for sharing this amazing engagement story! now here are a few of there wedding pictures 🙂

Final touches 🙂

First look!

love this picture see how Corey is trying to hold himself back? <3 it

Picture from when they meet in High School

& now 🙂

The toast

The night ended up like this Lots of dancing and laughter!

aww love this!

Me and my awesome clients! Love you guys 🙂

Albert & Nikki’s love for one another is so deep that I can still recall there whole wedding as if it were just yesterday!  There wedding day was nothing but beautiful and full of love and emotions, Albert was full of anticipation to see his beautiful bride Nikki that afternoon he couldn’t believe that the day was here.

I was so happy that Albert & Nikki agreed to see one another before the ceremony. While I was shooting there bridal pictures there singer and DJ was in the background rehearsing Nikki’s entrance song ( acoustic version of “Halo” by Beyonce Knowles it was perfect timing!

Here are a few of my favorites of there beautiful wedding. Thank you Albert & Nikki once again! 🙂

The first look!


Love her shoes!

I love the way they look at each other!


A few details from there lovely reception.

Please click here to view there Slideshow!

A few weeks ago I was on a shooting frenzy! that sounds kind of bad huh? I was invited by a good friend of mine Pesh to do a small fashion shoot around the Riverside Mission Inn I was able to take some beautiful photos of the oh so gorgeous Justine, which was also one of the models from the last Alice in wonderland theme shoot I just hosted a few months ago. Here are a few of my favorites! also check out Jaime Elyse Stephens new gowns!