Monthly Archives: April 2010

Our love story is a story involving the power of destiny. In 2003 I held a party at my mother’s house. My now fiance noticed me, but I didn’t notice him at all. He told my cousin about his interest in me and so I was asked to go on a blind date with him the next weekend. I accepted not knowing what to expect. We had a really short date-movies-popcorn-pizza-then he took straight home.Very quick and simple. I was only 18 years old-naive-immature -not to mention that I was to go off to UC Riverside to start college that same month. Hence, there was no time to focus on anything else other than school.

Four years went by and in the last month of 2007 we saw each other again at another family gathering. Since that day, we talked almost everyday over the phone and dated for about 2 months until he asked me to become his girlfriend.
A year and a half went by and on July 2009 he popped the question I was dying to hear on our favorite bench that looks over the ocean. The way he did it was very meaningful since he wore the same clothes he wore on our first date . He took me to the same restaurant where we had our first date, and then we went to the same beach and sat on the same bench where we had our first kiss.
We have become each others confidential, lover, best friend. There is one thing we haven’t yet become -each others life partner- and that we cannot wait for 🙂

Here are some pictures we shoot at the beautiful Huntington Library, So glad we didn’t get kicked out! They are clearly in love.