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Our day begin and ended at the beautiful Wedgewood Wedding Banquet Center where Perry and Christal became Mr and Mrs Humphrey! Perry and Christal were joined by there closest friends and family the day was full of joy and tears good tears though….As they danced the night away!

Thank you Riverside Mission Florist for there beautiful flowers and center pieces. And Kayla from Wedgewood making sure everything ran smoothly kudos to you!

Perry and Christal Thank you thank you! for allowing me to play a part of your special day!

I love this moment – right before Christal came down the Aisle!

I heart this view!!

And the two become one!! Christal you are gorgeous!

Did I mention how much I love this VIEW!! LOVE IT!

Yeah the weather was not the only hot thing of the day! Stunning!

First dance awww! so in love

Took this when they sneaked outside cute moment

Abel and Claudia you two are truly in love, I love how you too allow one another to be yourselves! You guys are awesome and I look forward to your wedding.

I am posting Claudia’s note on how they got engaged love it!!

We got engaged on Halloween of 2008 I had no idea he wanted to propose. We were on our way to my friends costume party we dressed up as Fred and Vilma as we parked our car and started walking towards my friends house  I noticed he got on the floor I thought he dropped something so I started looking on the floor too when I looked up he was on his knee and holding a box that lighted up and made the ring shine.  He says that he had a speech  but all I could hear is waaawaa waaaaw awwwwaaaaa waaa and the ring shining I just kept saying OMG OMG OMG OMG  and then I said of course I’ll marry you, you jerk, you made me mess up my make up. And that’s how it all happen were not the average couple we love being silly I can always be my self around him and he can be himself around me, I love dancing he really cant dance but he still gets down and boogies with me, we are so different but so alike at the same time.

Look at that smile! by the way which Abel So loves!!

I so heart their sense of humor!

Josh and Tabatha’s story of how they meet almost had me in tears but when I first meet them I had this goofy smile through out the whole time they were sharing there story with me. Ask my son he always makes fun of me!

Anyway our day started out at Ontario Double Tree Hotel where Tabatha and her bridesmaids were getting ready at. When I called Tabatha that day I asked her where Josh would be getting ready at she sent me a text with the reply that Josh and his groomsmen were at Lake Arrowhead!  In my mind I was like uhh yeah what’s going on, but then to find out that was the name of the room they had there ceremony in ha!  that is funny now but not then…  After taking pictures of Josh and his best man in Lake Arrowhead haha…I headed over to Tabatha’s suite geez that place was huge and beautiful.

After Tabatha’s final touches were finished we headed out to the ceremony site.. And that’s when Josh and Tabatha lives begin together as Mr and Mrs! I want to say there was never a dull moment with Josh and  Tabatha, Guys you rock my world haha it was so fun to be a part of your wedding day. Thank you a million times don’t ever change Josh!

Tabatha you are stunning!

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